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Our grass roots nonprofit founded by and for displaced musicians now offers the best hour of music relating to New Orleans available, with 100% of the proceeds benefiting NOMRF's efforts. Hundreds of NOMRF grants have gone out thanks to international individual contributions. This download will help that continue. Feel free to repost this blog, with the Katrina Anniversary media focus coming around again.

International rock stars and brilliant New Orleans musicians have all come together to help save the music. This download compilation combines national and local acts because not only is New Orleans the birthplace of jazz, in the 1950's it was the rock and roll hitmaker of the world. The talent is all still there, after two years of struggling to make their way back.

Little Steven's Underground Garage is helping kick off the ReDefine 8/29 Campaign, and YepRoc Records is offering Ian Hunter's signed lyric sheet with email registration. Come on down for our 8/24 New Orleans Party next month. NOMRF will be auctioning off a Headstrong amp with guitar monsters signing it.

NOMRF.org proudly presents the following ReDefine 8/29 Download Compilation at:


The Anthems

Ian Hunter 'How's Your House" (With Video)
Kaiser Chiefs "Out of My Depth" (Previously Unreleased)
The dB's "Rains Around Here (Previously Unreleased)
Beatin Path "Brand New Old House (Previously Unreleased)
James Andrews "Sixth Ward Soul"
Dr. John "Wade IV - The Aftermath"
Johnny Sansone "Poor Man's Paradise"
Chicago Farmer "The Village"

The Ballads

Edwin McCain and Maia Sharp "Hold Out a Hand"
Backyard Tire Fire "Wrong Hand"
Susan Cowsill "Crescent City Snow"
Joe Topping "Lord Willing"
John Rankin "If Ever I Cease to Love"
Bryan Lee "Katrina Was Her Name"
Craig Klein "Dad's Dilemma"
Rev. Goat Carson "Waterfall"

Songs are .99 apiece and downloadable on any platform. Thanks for helping us ReDefine 8/29!

How's Your House by Ian Hunter (Song at NOMRF.org)

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