Dr. John, Ian Hunter, the Kaiser chiefs, Edwin McCain and Maia Sharp Downloads!!!

NOMRF.org is Offering Donated Downloads to Help New Orleans Musicians
- Let's Get This Viral!

New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund

(NOMRF Downloads)

New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund, Inc. is helping displaced musicians from the city where jazz and rock and roll were was born. NOMRF is honored to have our friends Dr. John, Ian Hunter, The Kaiser Chiefs, Edwin McCain and Maia Sharp, Johnny Sansone, Backyard Tire Fire, Craig Klein, Chicago Farmer, Susan Cowsill, James Andrews, The Rev. Goat Carson, the dB's, John Rankin, Beatin Path, Bryan Lee, Spencer Bohren and Joe Topping reaching out to still-displaced musicians. Founded by and for displaced New Orleans musicians, the Fund works to stretch each donor dollar. Brand new releases, exclusive to NOMRF, are the Kaiser Chiefs, Beatin Path and the dB's.

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