ReDefine 8/29 This Time

We're through the looking glass for another one. Every news network getting its devastation photo op, every special interest elbowing for part of the coverage, and half of New Orleans watching the footage from where they live now.

For this week at least, I'm not an expatriate and watch as Southern Decadence shapes up downstairs. There's not a whole lot of fabulous in the midwest.

Speaking of someone who lived with flair, NOMRF just posted the song "Kid" by Barry Cowsill on our
(MySpace). It's one of the ReDefine 8/29 download tracks, with proceeds benefiting Barry's family.

We lost him post-Katrina two years ago. A former child star and my husband’s Stragglers bandmate, Barry was last shown on Entertainment Tonight at the Convention Center chaos. He had been scheduled to go to rehab if he had made it out of the city. “Kid” is the most accurate description of a country without pity that I have ever heard.

I hope one of the dignitaries mentions Barry in a speech today. In fact, I hope they mention everyone we lost by name. It's getting less likely to happen with every passing 8/29.

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