Kaiser Chiefs Rock Brit Awards and New Orleans Anthem

Indy darlings the Kaiser Chiefs, expected to play the Brit Awards in collaboration with Sir Paul McCartney, are nominated for two of tonight's awards and their benefit track Out of My Depth is exclusively available on ReDefine 8/29 Downloads.

Rolling Stone Magazine reviewed Out of My Depth as a fine stomp with overtones of a "pissed off Badfinger."

The song's chorus is a rallying cry against apathy for New Orleans musicians still coming home to a city with fewer gigs and higher rents:

(Song preview (HERE).)

I get out of my depth
until nothing is left
and it's only coming up to our hips

I get out of my depth
unless something is said
if you ignore it then it doesn't exist

The last line is especially telling as mainstream media outlets narrow their stories to Mardi Gras, the Katrina Anniversary and sporting events like the NBA All-Star Game that New Orleans is doing a spectacular job of hosting. The BBC has covered the ongoing struggles of New Orleans evacuees extensively, and New Orleans legends who sell out European tours but rarely get booked in the states can attest to the difference in support.

Two more Brits who have pitched in on the New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund's ReDefine 8/29 are Ian Hunter (All the Young Dudes) with his How's Your House anthem and Grewvia video, and Liverpool's Joe Topping who not only donated his ballad, Lord Willing, he also hiked from Chicago to New Orleans to help raise awareness for the city.

Thankfully London is still calling.

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