Second Chance! MySpace Nominates New Orleans Musicians

We're aware that you all voted like champs this summer, and that we were competing with a group 100,000 strong, but the MySpace Impact Awards have again nominated the New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund, Inc. for Community Building. We deeply appreciate you doing anything you can to help us win.

The $10,000 grant the Fund receives will directly help New Orleans musicians where they are now. Thanks for your consideration.

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After voting, a $5 PayPal Badge donation would be very much appreciated - it's our holiday fund drive, totally green since you'll never get a glossy brochure followup. Every little bit counts and it's how our grass roots nonprofit has stayed alive for two years now.

Finally, this is our new video featuring the late Barry Cowsill's "Kid" and REM's "South Central Rain". It kicks off with Barry jugging bubbles, a very Barry thing to do if you knew him. The New Wave Brass Band second lined at his memorial and our Fund was glad to be able to replace the band's instruments after the storm. Songs are available on our download at www.NOMRF.org.

Kid: The Legend of Barry Cowsill (With REM Track) by NOMRF.org

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