Streetcars to Roll Soon After NOLA Fest Benefit on Friday

How does the New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund love the Times Picayune's NOLA.com? Lots of ways. We love that at Fat Harry's NOLA Fest on Friday you can come hear Ingrid Lucia for FREE just before the streetcars begin to roll down Carrolton again. And we love that part of Friday's bar proceeds will help the New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund keep helping musicians.

At this time last year, NOMRF was welcoming Liverpool's Joe Topping who walked across the country in support of our city's music, with the Voodoo Vixens and New Wave Brass Band on hand to welcome him.

At this time two years ago, Voodoo and NOLA Fest were the first-post Katrina signs of music in the city and friends who had made it home or never left called with dispatches from the stage.

For those of us still displaced from New Orleans, NOLA is the first place we look for weather updates to check on family and friends. And in reverse, NOLA lets the Fund post its own updates on Exiled on Main Street.

This year, as our hearts are heavy for the million of evacuees in California, it's time to go home again.

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