The Ocean Moving All Night

Stay with us. Don't sink to the bottom like a fish going to sleep.
Be with the ocean moving steadily all night, not scattered like a rainstorm.
The spring we're looking for is somewhere in this murkiness

See the night-lights up there traveling together, the candle awake in its gold dish.

Don't slide into the cracks of the ground like spilled mercury.
When the full moon comes out, look around.

- Rumi

Rest In Peace, Dr. Ray Earl Dalton
4/8/26 - 5/12/07

I love you dad.

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farrago said...

Nice poem Karen.

I've been reflecting and remembering Ray (our dad) today. One quality that I think he had more than anyone I have ever known is that he rarely (if ever) complained about anything.

He also never cursed one time that I can remember. I mean ..not even a "gosh dang it". That was too close to cursing for him.

His last words (as far as I know) were "I was saved ever since I was 12 years old".

If there is a heaven, I am sure he is there.

RIP Ray.

Love, Tom