Thanks for Micro Giving

Micro-giving has been a godsend to NOMRF for over three years. James Andrews received this trumpet from an East Coast musician, and thanks to a generous donor the New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund is replacing the saxophone of an elderly musician whose horn was stolen from his FEMA trailer.

The founders of of Betaworks suggest in their blog that, "We're entering a new era in fundraising and perhaps other social/political causes. What's new? Virtual tribes -- networks of caring people with more commitment than cash. And that's what excites us about micro-giving: It takes so little. You might not have much to spare, but you've got a penny jar -- and we all know that if you reach in and remove a handful of change, you'll feel no pain. What's great about the new, frictionless online giving we're testing here is that, if you've got a good cause, you no longer need to spend a fortune on real-world marketing. Online, with word of mouth and simple technology, pennies can become serious money."

To commemorate the spirit of micro-giving at the holidays, here’s Ian Hunter’s “How’s Your House” video by Grewvia:

More ReDefine 8/29 Downloads are available at:

New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund



Second Baby Grand Piano FInds a Home

The New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund, a grass roots 501c(3), is grateful to music lovers including the woman who donated her baby grand piano (above) to replace Steve's whose home was at the 17th Street Canal breach; and we're grateful to companies like Pearl River which gave piano teacher Sylvia a brand new baby grand to replace the one she lost to Hurricane Katrina.

If you're holiday shopping and would like to support our ongoing efforts, a percentage of the proceeds from CC's Coffee holiday gift packs and Lee Michaels Jewelry Fleur de Lis Ornaments will be donated to the charity, as well as downloads of Lionel Milton, Trombone Shorty, Bonerama and Big Sam's Funky Nation-designed levels on PS3's Little Big Planet video game. Santa Sack Boy pictured below. (Visit www.nomrf.org for details.)